Voted one of the top comedians in New York City to look out for in 2018 by popular site Mogul:

Mimi Hayes is not your average brunette. Underneath that mane of hair lies a pretty wicked scar that makes quite the impression at dinner parties. An ex-high school teacher and brain surgery survivor, Mimi spends a lot of time on stage cracking dark jokes about catheters and former students. Her unique flavor of comedy has graced the stages of Denver Comedy Works, The Broadway Comedy Club, Reckless Theater, and UCB. She is currently a member of the improv team Big Shot at Reckless performing weekly as well as a frequent at Lovecraft Comedy Cult. You'll want to make sure you pick up her debut memoir, "I'll Be OK, It's Just A Hole In My Head", set to publish fall 2018, on her hilarious journey through heartbreak and head injury.

Big Talk and Brewski's Podcast, 2017

Interview by podcast Big Talk and Brewski's on December 1, 2017.

Podcast Appearances 

Yes and I Am with Aaron Max, EP. March 2018

This week we talked to a famous actress, "Winona Ryder", about her odd uprbringings and her run ins with the law.

Positive and Negative with Tristan Miller, March 2018

Positive and Negative is a podcast where Tristan Miller discusses the relationship between mental health and the creative temperament. This episode's guest is comedian and author Mimi Hayes! We talk about comedy and brain damage.